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Hero Essay

  • Submitted by: ash08
  • on December 8, 2008
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A Hero
Often times people drive along the road and pass a fire station along the way, seeing a house with a garage big enough to put a charter bus in. As we pass these fire stations curiosity itches at us imagining the honorary men and women who work there and what their life may consist of, but never really understanding what really goes on behind those golden doors.   Firefighters all over the world are admired for their bravery and noble actions, though the respect they receive does not explain what the job includes. The life of firemen is filled with a second home, long tedious workdays, and emotional stress that may arise at any given moment.
Diving cautiously up the driveway of a house with an enormous graug I was eager and timid to observe the life of a fireman. As I walked in I was greeted immediately by; a tall white man, with a buzz cut, in a blue shirt labeled with the station number and blue pants. Capitan Kenny Halseth was his name, and is also known as my father. As he gave me a tour of the station I began to notice how much it resembled a house. There was a normal standard living kitchen that looked like it was never used because it was all neat and tidy. There were two refrigerators which was different and when I asked how come they needed two he replied “ There are three shifts and within those three shifts they are responsible for feeding themselves while on the job. Each shift has their own shelf and no one usually touches the others food.” That was understandable and fascinating I would have never guessed that they had to cook for themselves. Everyone takes turns cleaning up or cooking. As you pass the kitchen there are five big, blue recliners all facing the big screen TV. The room had a calm feeling as you entered it, with all the blue and awards on the wall it was a nice area to relax. Just passed the TV room is where their rooms are. They were not too big and looked just like a regular home bed room, the rooms were filled with their...

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