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Hero Essay

  • Submitted by: SuperAntonia
  • on February 24, 2011
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A hero is someone who defeats evil. The Odyssey   by Homer, its about a man named Odysseus, King of Ithaca goes on a journey. He defeats Troy and goes out to sea, trying to get home, but the wind takes him to different islands. Odysseus is a hero because he is strong, intelligent, and brave.

In addition, Odysseus is strong because, he builds a raft by himself, to get off Calypso’s island. This declares that Odysseus is strong, “Odysseus finally persuades Calypso to let him go, and he builds a raft to leave her island” (line 23).

Further more   he is intelligent because, he finds ways to trick people. This defines that Odysseus is intelligent, “He defeated Troy by sending a wooden horse, the Trojans thinking it was a peace offering, and as soon as the Trojans took it into their town, Odysseus and his men came out of the horse and started killing people” (line 276). According to the following quote Odysseus is intelligent.

Odysseus is also brave. Because, he also defeated Cyclopes. For example, “... Straight forward they sprinted, lifted it and rammed it deep in his cater eye” (line 290). Which means Odysseus and his men sharpened a stick to blind his one eye, so they could escape Cyclopes home.

As a result,that is why Odysseus is a hero, he is strong, because built a raft by himself, intelligent, because he finds different ways to trick and defeat people, also he is brave, because he defeated the Cyclops. That is why one thinks Odysseus is a hero. One will enjoy this book.

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