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Who was the hero in paradise lost Essay

  • Submitted by: vanessa.mq
  • on December 12, 2008
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Unity is a key theme within Paradise Lost. As book nine and ten conclude we discover that the good characters Adam and Eve’s lack of unity leads to the fall of man and their wrong doing that could be seen as evil was because they were not bound together. However the evil characters Sin and Death seem to prosper because of their unity. So can we question, does evil prosper alone?
From the moment we are introduced to Adam and Eve it is revealed that unity is important, quite quickly we learn that Adam and Eve are unified. ‘Their and our’ emphasises their unity and that it is an important factor in Adam and Eve’s relationship to be unified. However early on it is evident that Eve doesn’t want to be unified as a team with Adam ‘Let us divide our labours’ shows Eve’s determination to separate and to be independent without Adam. Eve’s intentions to work apart are good but her idea of separating only encourages evil to prosper. Adam doesn’t like this idea because he knows that Eve is weak without him and cannot withstand temptation.
Satan in Paradise Lost can be rectified as an evil character, however can also be seen as heroic as he prospers alone. Adam and Eve were not together when evil approached them. Evil seems to work effectively whilst tempting an individual. Eve is a vulnerable character hence why Satan tempted her whilst she is separated from Adam. She is easily tempted by evil. I believe Eve honestly thinks that whilst sinning she is doing good for herself and believes she will prosper for doing so.
Eve eats the apple because she is tempted by the serpent/Satan. Satan uses flattery to tempt Eve, ‘Empress of this fair world, resplendent Eve,’ shows Satan manipulating Eve by upping her status. ‘Empress’ indicates that she may become as high as a God and therefore she believes that eating the apple will benefit her therefore it is a good deed.
For Adam however he isn’t easily manipulated and can resist temptation. Adam falls because he believes by...

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