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Herodotus And Thucydides Essay

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  • on February 24, 2011
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This paper will contrast the historical writings and thoughts of two men who are known to be the first historians. The purpose is to compare and contrast them and there ideas on the capturing of historic information.
Thucydides’ take on history seemed to be one that was headed in the right direction as far as clarity and accuracy went. He was very particular about the details of what actually took place in history. In The text Thucydides says, “…Most people in fact, will not take trouble in finding out the truth, but are much more inclined to accept the first story they hear,” (1). In this quote he is simply saying that people aren’t looking to find out the actual facts of a historical event, but really just want a sense of knowing something about it, which could mean listening to the first account they get. This leads me to believe that history in Thucydides eyes can get construed after the stories have been passed from person to person. Thucydides is not looking for some magical story to come unless it is a factual story that he has seen first –hand or has been taken from a person who had a first account. Thucydides is not writing history to make people want to read it, however I think he is writing it so that it is so factual that anyone would want to read it. Its seems to me that Thucydides might feel that because people of this time period are so used to elaborate stories about heroes and people who saved the day, that his historical account may not be accepted due to its dryness and less gutsy approach.
There were many examples of Thucydides historical accuracy in his writings on the Revolution at Corcyra. In my opinion he foreshadows the Corcyraeans by basically calling them barbaric and saying that they really had no regard to the people but they held regard only to the city. I feel that because he was Athenian, he boasted about how fearful men of other cities were. In the passage he says “Revolution thus ran its course from city to city, and the places...

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