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Heros Essay

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Story About A Man

There once was a child who was born to a teenage mother. She wasn't married when she found out she was pregnant, and was even planning to marry another man. They married even thought they both knew the baby wasn't his.

As the child grew, he heard talk about his parents. The people in his neighborhood used to talk trash about his mother. He ignored them.

His family didn't have money and didn't live in the best part of town. He didn't care. His stepfather worked with his hands. He learned the family business. He didn't even get much education. He didn't care; he loved his parents.

As the boy became a man he went out on his own. He wandered around the country without a job or a home for several years. He met all kinds of people. He hung out with the homeless. He gave water to thirsty people. He told stories. He talked to the dieing and held their hands. He washed people that could not wash themselves. He didn't care if these people were sick and could make him sick. He didn't care if these people didn't bathe. He liked to help people.

This man found other men and women to help him take care of the homeless, sick and dying. They had their own club, but anybody could join that wanted to.

Some people thought this was disgusting. How could he touch those people? They are sick and filthy. It was just gross. Why waste the time? What's wrong with that guy? They called him names. He didn't care; he ignored them.

This man would say things that no one ever said. He had big ideas and far out stories. He said things that made people think he was crazy. Some people listened, some of them thought the man was nuts or a liar. He didn't care; he ignored them.

The people had enough. This guy was asking for it. They put him in jail. He was a criminal. His cellmate was a pickpocket. The other guy down the hall was a thief. He now had a criminal record. It was decided that the man would be executed. He didn't care; he ignored them.

And finally,...

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