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Herosim Essay

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Why Nora Leaves Torvald

In "A Doll House," Henrik Ibsen uses the character of Nora to show that the way in which a woman is treated and her assumed role in society can actually lead her to discover her own true path in life. Ibsen's play, "A Doll House," involves a woman who starts out as a typical common housewife and through a series of joyous occurrences as well as some major catastrophes, becomes a self-liberated woman.   Nora Helmer comes to have an epiphany and decides to abandon her family and home in search of her true self.   Several events and factors lead her up to this point. She begins to see through the controlling characteristics of Torvald, the illicit law of society, and realizes things about herself and the situation she is forced to live with, which inevitability encourages her to leave. In an ironic twist, her true devotion to herself is discovered because of the false devotion she felt towards her husband and her role in the family.  
In the opening act, Nora displays many childish qualities that are most child-like when interacting with her husband, Torvald.   She behaves playfully yet obediently in his presence, always sneakily luring favors from him instead of communicating with him as a serious adult. Throughout the play, Torvald is constantly making remarks or criticizing her behavior while she listens and obeys him like his loyal pet. In the beginning, Nora puts out the vibe that she is like a “doll” where Torvald controls her like a puppet master controls his puppets. One of the most obvious examples of Torvald taking control of Nora is the re-teaching of a form of dance called Tarantella. Nora claims that she had forgotten the dance and wished for Torvald to re-teach her the steps. However, it was obvious that this was an act and at the same time this showed her being submissive to Torvald. After the dance Torvald proclaims that “when [he] saw [her] turn and sway in the tarantella [his] blood was pounding till [he] couldn’t stand...

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