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High school Employments? Essay

  • Submitted by: malia06
  • on December 11, 2008
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Below is an essay on "High school Employments?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Many issues have been raised on   high-school students   working a part time job. Some issues such as stated on page 271, paragraph 14 in Text and Context 7th edition, “Extensive part-time employment during the school year may undermine youngsters’ education,” and “ Working appears to promote, rather that deter, some forms of delinquent behaviors.” However from experience, I find high school students working a part time job to be acceptable. I believe students who work a part time job are advancing themselves with one of the many crucial key skills to life, customer service.
Customer services can just simply mean   aiding to solve peoples’ problems in polite manner. For example when I was working at McDonald, there was an incident where a customer got a fish burger instead of a double cheese burger. Instead of just coming up and exchanging her sandwich, she threw it on the floor. I could have said something back as I usually do and   the problem could have escalated to something bigger. But instead, I was taught that helping a customer no matter the circumstance always brings them back. So with that in mind,   I pick up the sandwich and   politely   told her that it was our fault and gave her her original order with a courtesy small fries. She then apologizes for her action . The situation was solved.
Students not only learn the skills to solve other peoples ‘problems, but   they learn   to be civil with other. They learned to how to get along with one another, co-worker in this case, but most importantly students learns how to resolve conflicts among co-worker politely. Like talking the situation out.   For example where I‘m currently working at, a title company, I had a problem of one of my co-worker about the way how she was scanning the documents into the computer systems. Instead of   confronting her and telling her that she didn‘t know how to do her job, I pulled her to the side and politely   told her what she was   doing incorrectly. We talked it out and the...

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