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hinder Essay

  • Submitted by: daniscloc374
  • on November 23, 2008
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read another article for your censorship document.
me and Erica have chosen to write censorship document about the censorship that goes on in the media.
one of the articles i read today was "Book Banning Efforts Bring on Title Fights"
The article was about how many books contain content that people consider a bit explicit therefore their banned from library's and schools.
In the document "Book Banning Efforts Bring on Title Fights" ,there were groups of people in favor and against censorship.
Stevenson Swanson wrote the article, and in the document i noticed that Krug was against censorship in books. He mentions that he does believe that parents should have the decision on what books there child reads, "but that right ends where my nose begins," said Krug throughout the article Krug shows strong opinions on why books shouldn't be banned according to their explicit content. He also disagrees with them being banned from libraries and schools, he said that takes away the chance for anyone to get the chance to read the book.
Among the books that were considered to get banned were titles such as The Gossip Girl series, The Chocolate War, and of course And Tango Makes Three.
Thomasson was one of the groups that seemed to be for censorship in the article "Book Banning Efforts Bring on Title Fights". He states that children shouldn't be exposed to content such as sexuality and satanism. I quote "Parents can no longer trust libraries to protect their children's innocence or uphold appropriate standards," he said. "Voters should demand that books with harmful content be removed from school and city libraries." Thomasson believes that books such as Scary Stories contains hidden messages of Satanism and the book And Tango Makes Three is trying to brainwash children into the influence of becoming homosexual. He warns parents, and states that is parents really knew what was behind these stories that people would agree on why they should be...

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