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Historical Fiction Essay

  • Submitted by: ricky617
  • on February 27, 2011
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Historical fiction can be defined as a mixture of genres, in the sense it contains both a historical aspect as well as a current visualized one. Every work of historical fiction needs to include these two components because it is what distinguishes it from other fictional genres. In order to be able to analyze such works of literature one must start by analyzing and looking at three different parts of the text. First, one must establish the placement and voice of the narrator. By establishing the voice of the narrator, it allows the reader to establish the visualized current aspect from the historical aspect. Secondly, pay close attention on the meaning of words depending on the frame of reference in which they appear. Language is important in the sense that important information can be hidden behind words. Lastly, focus on the structure of how the literary work is organized in terms of chapters. Historical fiction literature is known for unstable organization and tends to jump around from the historical aspect to its visualized current narration in a random fashion.
In an Antique Land by Amitav Ghosh and Pepper and Partnerships: Abraham bin Yiju by Stewart Gordon, are both examples of historical fiction literature in there own way. As I read both of these literary works I followed this three dimensional model in order to understand both the historical aspect as well as the current visualized one. As I excavated deeper I was able to address major themes from both In an Antique Land novel and the “Pepper and Partnerships” chapter reading that were also addressed in our class lectures. The main historical narrative in both works of literature is the reconstruction of the stories of Abraham Ben Yiju, a Jewish merchant who travelled between the Middle East and India during the 12th century. Each one of these pieces of literature had a separate theme around the character of Abraham Ben Yiju and the narrator that has been strongly highlighted in our class lectures. As...

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