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History Essay

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  • on November 5, 2008
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Batman Begins

On Story
1.   It's unification is structured very well everything and everyone in the plot tie into each other.
A. That he actually is human even though some think he is invincible he can be hurt or killed.
B. The scene where batman has to fight the internal struggle of his fear of bats.
C. The semblance of the truth is that he is afraid of the thing he symbolizes a bat.
3.   The high point is the twist that Raz Agul was actually his friend and someone batman saved thinking he was a good man.   The dead point was Katie Holmes acting.
4. Yes.
A. The length suits almost perfect it didn't run on and was put together well.
B. The director keeps you on the edge and leads no evidence of the climax
C.   Its suggested at the first of the movie that Bruce Wayne is turning bad when he tries to shoot and kill his parents killers.
D. Complex. It shows that its a cruel world and people will kill for a few dollars.   The fact that he was paid off to kill his parents.
5.   The emotional aspect is fine its not overdone.   He does have emotional issues for a girl that he cares deeply for.

On Dramatic Structure
1. The film uses linear structure. I think it shows enough material in the beginning if it started in the middle I don't think it would work out.
2.   The flashbacks are used to show what is true fears are.

On Conflict
1. The major conflict in this movie is that a new villain scarecrow and his accomplice Falcony are causing mayhem through Gotham and planning to destroy the city.
2.   Its a combination of both internal and external conflict. Its physical conflict
3.   Man against society
4.   He defeats his enemy inside and out.

On Characterization
1. Bruce Wayne he is very developing in his own way and he is very well rounded.
2   Characterization of internal and external an characterization through appearance
3. Falcony is more of a realistic villain and scarecrow is definitely exaggerated
4. When he shows scarecrow his own...

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