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History Essay

  • Submitted by: gareffan09
  • on February 27, 2011
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Nicole Gareffa
Western Civ

The Neolithic Revolution is the first agricultural revolution the transition from hunting and gathering to the settlement. This revolution involved far more then the adoption of the limited set of food producing techniques. This all occurred in the Fertile Crescent which is now modern day Iraq. All the humans in this area engaged in economic activity called hunting and gathering. The main disadvantage about this is bad times for supplying non food producers and the fact that it can only maintain a very low population density. the Neolithic revolution began when people discovered agriculture. Because of agriculture people could now farm instead of hunting and gathering. This allowed people to settle down and live in one place. This led to settlements and the development of group living. Since people after the Neolithic rev began living in tighter more complex social situations this also led to better and more complicated forms of communication. The Neolithic rev also eventually led to the development of governments because now that people were living in settlements they started dividing the work. They needed people to hunt, farm, cook, and do other things, and since not everyone could do the same thing they needed organization to decide who would do what. This led to higher forms of organization and ultimately to forms of government. Also with the discovery of agriculture people began to have food surpluses, this led to population growth and trade. It led to trade because people would now trade the extra food that they grew. Lastly the Neolithic rev led to the switch from a matriarchal system to a more patriarchal system. In hunting and gathering times women were though higher of then men because they hunted and gathered just like the men did, and on top of that they also gave birth or created life. After the Neolithic revolution there was no longer a need for the women to hunt and gather. A family could live off of the males...

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