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History Locke Essay

  • Submitted by: andrewmckie1989
  • on December 16, 2008
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Both John Locke and Jean Rousseau were among the most influential political philosophers the world had seen. Both created different theories about the way societies should be run in reference to the state and the individual.   Locke believed that people deserved sovereignty rather than a monarch and also believed people deserved a say and that people had rights to life and property that had an independent foundation of the laws of particular societies. Rousseau on the other hand, believed that people should give up on their individual liberties for the good of their society and also believed that the perfect society would control and direct itself.  
Locke’s theory stated that he believed the people should rule the government’s rather than having a particular group of people rule the government and be referred to as a group of higher class who themselves create the rules. Locke believe that every man was equal and with people ruling themselves, there would be more enjoyment and less tension throughout the society and people would tend to get along much more easily. He believed that men were a part of one community where there was one society where they also had the power to punish crimes but believed these were lost when people joined or participated in a private or political society which is different to the natural mankind. Locke believe that all people should have a say in the way the society is run and that people should listen to other people’s idea’s or suggestions in reference to the society and should also take these idea’s into consideration and if this was done, there would be a much more peaceful and loving society where people agreed with the way things were run rather than living by rules that they don’t necessarily believe in or agree with.
Rousseau on the other hand believed in a less democratic government where there was a smaller group who led the society who were deemed to be of higher class and believed to of had more power than the general...

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