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History Paper

  • Submitted by: drabek
  • on February 28, 2011
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Classroom Management Lead In                                          

How do I create relationships with students to support learning? It is an age old question for teachers, and one that I am charged with finding the answer to for this paper. Actually, my first thought when analyzing this question and figuring out a way to answer it, was to utilize my memory banks. The questions I posed to myself; What teacher’s I did I think were the best, and why? Out of the dozens of teachers I have had, whose classroom did I learn the most in? What teacher had the biggest impact on my life? What teachers did I not connect with, or whose lesson plans and teaching style I did not perform well under?
I admit some of the answers to these questions made me be completely honest with myself.   Some teachers I disliked personally, but challenged me to the point where I was getting the most out of his/her class. Others, I got along extremely well with but whose subject areas were not compatible with my strengths.   So what does this mean when I relate it back to my topic?   Since I have little classroom experience, I will have to rely on my own experiences from the past to answer “what I already know.” However, the answer to finding out how I as a teacher, create relationships with students to support learning, cannot be answered using the relatively little experience I have in a teaching environment.
To fill in the gaps, I’ll obviously have to seek out information from elsewhere. My interviews with two family members (both educated) should add the valuable component of experience to my paper. These are people who have had countless ringleaders, troublemakers, brown nosers, and gifted students and can share their anecdotes and helpful advice that they garnered throughout their career.   There is also a myriad of reliable scholarship that can help me find theoretical strategies which help answer my questions.   And of course, our weekly Classroom Management workshop has been, and...

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