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Hjælp Til Modul 3, Vuc Hf Essay

  • Submitted by: albertmp
  • on March 1, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Hjælp Til Modul 3, Vuc Hf" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Where is my glasses – Where are my glasses (glasses er i flertal, derfor are)
I dislike to go by bus, but I cannot afford buying a car – I dislike going by bus, but I cannot afford to buy a car (der tales om at man har kørt i bus, to go er i nutid, og buying flertal, der tales kun en om en bil).
She is visiting her old mother every day – She visits her old mother everyday (visiting er i nutid, der tales om noget man har gjort)
I live in the house, which roof is red – I live in the house, where the roof is red/I live in the house with the red roof (which er i flertal, der tales kun om et hus)
The dogs´ barked – The dogs barked (apostoffen sætter hundene yderligere I flertal)
Predictable - unpredictable
Loyal –disloyal
Patient – impatient
Responsible – irresponsible
Polite – impolite
  1) Tonen er formel, arrogant   og nedladende overfor jobansøgeren. Arrogansen ses specielt i sætning 8 hvor firmaet fremhæver sig selv. Nedladende tone i sætning 4 – you should have, sætning 5 – we cannot at this time even consider, sætning 9 – endavours.
  2) 2, 4,5,8,9,10
  3) 6,7
The bag people are humans, who in a number of years have lived a fully normal life with a job and a family, but who have gone into crises because of changes in their life. It could be a divorce or death of someone closely related. Something brakes for them, so they isolate themselves completely from the surrounding world. They barely speak to anyone, but walks around with their possessions in bags and/or in trolleys. Some get pension, but a part survives by collecting bottles and searching trashcans.

What is it about nature that makes it so damn captivating for us humans? Maybe there is something about the saying “in one with nature” and our religious quote when we are put in to the ground -”For dust you are and to dust you will return"? Is it the big unknown factor about nature that we did not create it and therefore it is hard for us to completely understand it? Or...

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