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Hollitz Ch. 6 Essay

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  • on December 4, 2011
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History 111 Assignment-2 Hollitz chapter 6 10 points

Ideology and History: Advertising in the 1920s

1. The defining characteristics of advertisements in the 1920s has shifted into five different levels from ““factory viewpoint” to concern with “the mental processes of the consumer,” from “the objective to the subjective,” from “descriptive product date” to “talk in terms of ultimate buying motives.”” as pointed from Printers’ Ink. These level of shifts prove that in the 1920s, the products were a solution for the consumers’ problems. For example, “Advertisements in the new copy styles set forward a model of life’s struggles that was well-tailored to strike a responsive chord among people conscious of the increasing dependence of their life ambitions on large organizations and impersonal judgments” (Marchand 141). Begin this, consumers were influenced by advertisements because they need the products really than wanting it. Advertisers were look upon due to consumer’s in needs. Also, “nearly every characteristic commonly attributed to the amasses was also conventionally a “feminine” trait” Most of the advertisers were women.

2. Back in the 1920s, advertisements were known from factories and people would buy products because they need it. British, French and American viewed women as fickle and debased consumers. Now the new techniques have brain washed society into believing their advertisements and buying their products. For example, Listerine, a mouthwash was advertised for years that if you have halitosis, you should use Listerine and you have the best breath. It’s more out there now because advertisers are using their voice to persuade consumers into buying their stuffs rather than having the consumer get it because they need it. Advertisers are advertising their products to consumers so the can get their profits. Like what J. Walter Thompson Company summarized, “To sell goods we must also sell words. In fact we have to go further: we must...

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