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The Holocaust Essay

  • Submitted by: kendakrahn
  • on December 13, 2008
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The Holocaust
      The year was 1939; most of the world was just climbing out of the Great Depression and looking forward to a better decade ahead.   Little did anyone realize the consequences of Adolf Hitler’s power he had gained within the German government and people, or the devastating world crisis that would result from it.   Hitler was elected into power, he did not force his way in.   Once he gained power in 1932, he convinced many Germans that a citizen’s sole reason for existence was to serve the state.   He also blamed Germany’s difficulties on the Jews but did not tell the people his true intention was to exterminate them.   Thus he created an atmosphere of hatred in Germany that later would be proven by his draconian measures towards the Jews.
      The first real brutal attack against the Jews came in June 1934, when Hitler had about 1,000 people murdered in the Night of the Long Knives.   He then introduced the Nuremburg Laws which were as follows: all Jews had to wear the Star of David, they lost their professional careers and property, Jews could not mingle with the German population, and ultimately the Jews lost their citizenship.   These laws passed without any resistance and should have been a sign to the world of things to come.   Then on November 8, 1938 the Nazis encouraged the German people themselves to attack Jews and their property, this infamous event was called Kristallnacht.   It was significant because it showed how Hitler had convinced the German people that the Jews were the problem and that they needed to be done away with.  
      By 1941, Hitler’s obsession with the complete destruction of the Jewish race in Europe took on a horrible reality called the Final Solution.   He ordered all Jews in Nazi occupied Europe to be brought to concentration camps and be killed in mass numbers in gas chambers.   We call this today genocide, the extermination of a religious or racial group.   Once the Jews arrived at these camps, they were killed by...

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