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homo sapiens Essay

  • Submitted by: sleepinginbed
  • on December 16, 2008
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Fully modern Homo sapiens are categorized as bipedal primates that s a problem solver and a developed brain. It refers to genus homo which consists of Homo erectus and homo neanderthalensis and other genus types. The fully modern Homo sapiens or FMHS is the end line of our genetic to us. Our species homo sapiens sapien are connect to the genetic line of FMHS. Not to say we have other sub species like H. Neanderthals and H. erectus some people will argue that some of these backed animals was just sub species and other will say some of us have genetically do have Neanderthals genetics which is backed up because physical appearances.
Fully modern Homo sapiens first appeared 200-250kyr. Ago but some view our species extends far as 2.0myr; involving other genus types that we consider not to be sub species but our species. Omo 1 site in Ethiopia found a skull that shows the beginning of change. Those data shows that we may evolve from archaic Homo sapiens because physical appearance is alike. Their brains were comparable in size to modern humans with the exception of dark skin and some body hair. FMHS is compared to the Neanderthals because most believed both species co exist together. The Neanderthals are consider our sub species because the way they lived there life and there large brain means that they were in the same genus type.
Both Neanderthals and FMHS had hunting tools and fire. The Neanderthals physical appearances are large low-sloping cranial vault and a short robust skeleton. Neanderthals also are very powerful and are still ape like Neanderthals were not as highly hunted as or FMHS are most likely prey for some big cats. FMGS settlements were on top of hill tops and high ridges. Neanderthals mostly settled in valleys meaning they couldn’t hunt as well as FMHS. FMHS seem to have a more understanding of geography they seemed to use up less energy than Neanderthals. While FMHS hunted really well Neanderthals died about 25,000 BP. Most would say because all...

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