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How Are The Birlings Presented Prior To The Inspec Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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How are the Birlings presented prior to the Inspectors entrance in ‘An Inspector Calls’?

In the beginning of the play the Birlings are having a family dinner to celebrate the engagement of Sheila, Mr Birling’s daughter and Gerald Croft. The Birling Family come across as your average middle-class family; Mr Birling, a wealthy business man who owns a factory; his wife, Mrs. Birling who is a social climber and is very concerned about her appearance; Eric, Mr Birling’s son, who is quite uneasy; Sheila, Mr Birling’s daughter who is being engaged to Gerald and Gerald who is the son of one of Mr. Birling’s business rivals.
Mr Birling is a self-made industrial businessman who shares capitalist values; you can tell this from some of the things he says. He is very business orientated as even when he is meant to be celebrating his daughter being engaged to her love he sees the benefits it will have for his business. Mr Birling says that he hopes Gerald and Sheila’s relationship will bring Crofts and Birlings together for ‘lower costs and higher prices’. Priestly paints him a s a wrongheaded individual as in the beginning of the play he says things like ‘The Titanic won’t sink’ yet it does and ‘The Germans don’t want war etc’ yet only a few years after this was set war broke out between mainland Europe BECAUSE of Germany. Priestly doesn’t want the reader to sympathize with Mr Birling in any way. He makes Mr Birling seem wrong to us from the first moment we start reading the book he does this so that our idea of Mr Birling being wrong stays with us while we carry on reading the book so that when we get to the parts where Mr Birling is talking about the benefits and joys of capitalism we don’t believe what he is saying as we think he is wrong-headed from all the incorrect poppycock he was dribbling on about before.   Mr Birling thinks he is a know-it-all,   Eric tries to argue with his father over the topic of war but Mr Birling just silences him and starts rambling on about...

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