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How Black Pride Produces Poverty Essay

  • Submitted by: chandachisala
  • on March 4, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "How Black Pride Produces Poverty" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1 How Black Pride produces Poverty.

By Chanda Chisala

One of the main things that have kept black people at the bottom of most measures of human development is the feeling of shame they have at copying the cultures of other people. In many black American communities, for example, a person who works very hard and reads a lot is stigmatized for “acting white.” They want to preserve “black pride” at any cost.

This particular problem with school can not be found virtually  anywhere in Africa itself, the “motherland” of African Americans. The culture of Africa in that area comes from the influence of Christian missionaries who brought and emphasized education to Africans very long ago. Some African Americans might argue that this shows that such formal education is not really part of African culture since it was just brought by whites. But the same blacks shamelessly proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ and see no irony in that!

In Africa, black kids can walk many miles just to get to a school, and in some of these schools the kids sit on bricks instead of desks due to poverty, and yet some of them endure – at least until their parents can no longer afford to let them go. I know at least one Chemistry professor who went to such a primary school and he had to walk a very long distance every single day (he taught me at university). In Africa, a good education is very highly valued but very difficult to achieve beyond the many obstacles. Most of these kids would give anything to get the quality of education that is offered to inner city black American kids!

And yet even Africans, especially when they do get very educated, start talking about “preserving our own culture” and avoiding copying Western culture, which is also a common view among the middle-class black Americans who do like education. Ironically, they learn this nonsense from Western universities or textbooks. That’s where they hear about the supposed importance of maintaining “diversity” in world...

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