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How Breathing The Wrong Way Can Ruin Your Voice! Essay

  • Submitted by: CamiiRRR
  • on December 5, 2011
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Below is an essay on "How Breathing The Wrong Way Can Ruin Your Voice!" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

You may not know this yet, but not knowing how to breathe properly when singing can actually be dangerous to your health!

Everything about singing is based on breath. The absolute first thing that you need to understand about singing is that if you are not breathing properly, you are not singing properly, and that can lead to some pretty serious problems. Serious enough that you could potentially ruin your singing voice permanently.

Correct breathing technique is a widely debated topic among music teachers everywhere. There are so many different techniques that people are taught, it's difficult to tell which ones are good for your voice, and which ones are harmful.

Here is how you can tell which techniques are good and which ones are bad; The bad breath control tips and techniques will make your throat hurt and feel tight while singing.

If you are singing with incorrect breathing technique, you will feel a tensed up feeling in your throat. This means that you are putting un-necessary strain on your vocal cords.

Vocal tension, and forcing your voice is the single most harmful thing you can do for yourself. It causes tons of problems such as:

Scratchy breaks in your voice,

Inability to reach high notes,

A weak and powerless vocal sound,

Pitch problems, like going sharp and flat,

And shortness of breath while singing.

These problems are fairly minor, and can be corrected with learning the right breath control tips and techniques. Most vocal tension is caused because of a core problem of not taking a correct breath. Although many problems can be corrected with proper breathing, there is one major problem that can't.

Vocal tension, and forcing the voice can eventually lead to vocal nodes forming inside your throat.  

Basically, nodes are little callus like bumps that form on the vocal cords on the inside of the throat. They cause your voice to be raspy and toneless, and often the only cure is a combination of surgery and...

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