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How Do The Opening Chapters Of Charles Dickens “Ha Essay

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Hard times was written by the famous Victorian writer Charles Dickens. It was published in twenty weekly instalments from April 1984 to August 1984. It was set in the 1840’s commonly known as the hungry forties.

The novel is called hard times because the industrial revolution had created such hard conditions for working class people. The main features of the industrial revolution was the massive economic boom. Britain began to produce more cotton and other materials than ever before. Towns grew rapidly because of new jobs on offer and wealth of the country rapidly grew. Charles dickens shows us in hard times you were either with lots of possessions or without any. He shows that the difference between rich and poor grew dramatically. Another feature of the industrial revolution was the conditions and safety of the workplace, and how the new machinery had created more deaths in the work place than ever before.

In the beginning of “ Hard times” dickens presents Sir Thomas Gradgrind as and important and oppinated man. He also has a very narrow minded view on education and believed that children should only be taught facts and nothing else. Dickens portrays this in his opening line “Teach these boys and girls nothing but facts “ This shows that this powerful man wanted to fill children’s brains to the brim with facts and nothing else. The first eight lines also show the speaker to be very self assured and quite obviously powerful.  

In lines 31-35 and the opening chapter the children are portrayed as predominately from working class families and that they are little vessels that are being filled to the brim with facts. They are taught nothing else and are destined to end up in factories like Sir Thomas Gradgrind. Dickens presentation of these is rather damning of the way Victorian society looked after its young are how they believed they could achieve. In chapter 2 the reader learns that the speaker in the school house is Thomas Gradgrind. From lines 1-27 we...

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