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How Far Did The Weimar Republic Recover And Prospe Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Below is an essay on "How Far Did The Weimar Republic Recover And Prospe" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

How far did the Weimar Republic recover and prosper after 1923?

Before 1923 there had been many years of economic depression and social tension due to the worsening economic and political climate. Hyperinflation and the occupation of the Ruhr had greatly increased this political tension. Nationalists and communists both fought each other and various putsches were fought. On August 13th 1923, Stresemann was appointed chancellor for the Weimar Republic. Due to the Treaty of Versailles huge pressure was mounted by the right wing on the government in order to fight against it. Stresemann addressed these issues.

On one hand of the argument one can say that the Weimar did improve and prosper after 1923. Firstly

Stresemann's first achievements as the new Chancellor of the Weimar Republic were the rescue of the German currency and the softened effect of the large war reparations on Germany's economy. Before Stresemann came to power, the government decided to pay off its debts with worthless marks meaning so much money was in circulation, prices and wages rocketed. For example, in 1918, a loaf of bread cost 0.63 marks whereas in November 1923 it cost 201,000,000,000 marks. The people of Germany suffered as Hyperinflation meant they were left penniless and confidence in the German economy had been lost. Stresemann decided to discredit the mark and replaced it with a new currency called the "Rentenmark". The only way the new currency could be a success was for it be accepted and build people's confidence in the stability of it. He also called off the strike in Ruhr and began production again. Also Stresemann signed the Dawes Plan in 1924 meaning that reparation payment were spread over a longer period and...

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