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How Fascist Fundamentals Disallow The Possibility Essay

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  • on December 4, 2011
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Below is an essay on "How Fascist Fundamentals Disallow The Possibility" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Robert Murphy
Politics 110-03

How Fascist Fundamentals
Disallow The Possibility of Success

One of the basic fundamentals of the ideology of Fascism concerns the process of redefining the existing international status quo and imposing the mastery and global domination of the belligerent and vanquished Nation States.   This axiological need for the spread and domination of Fascist ideologies is rather self-explanatory when the definition of Fascism is investigated: some of the key concepts of past Fascist regimes being the belief of racial purity, group solidarity, and the necessity of military force.   On the whole, Fascist groups believe that their group is superior to all others in the international system.   This belief can drive these groups to attempt to conquer all other groups, impose their will on all people, and achieve what they view as a perfect international system.   This attempt, as history has shown, is flawed and will inevitably fail if ever reattempted.   Fascist groups such as the Nazis and Bolsheviks adopted a similar motto during their respective existences; “One Nation, One People, One Leader”.   This motto conjures a sense of “cult of personality” stemming from the one leader of a Fascist Nation, and effecting all followers of the Nation.   Historically, the feelings and ideas of these absolute leaders lead followers to embrace beliefs of entitlement, a need for world domination and a homogeneous society, and group solidarity (Schwartzmantel 38).  
The belief of radical superiority drives Fascist regimes to redefine the international system and impose their will on all people. Fascist Nations believe that other races are both inferior and a threat to their group’s prosperity.   This motivates them to take military action, invade other Nations, and suppress and eradicate members of other races and ideologies to form what they believe to be a more perfect international system.   Fascist leaders can coax followers to carry out these...

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