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how to cook for dogs Essay

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  • on March 1, 2009
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How to cook for dogs!
Some people are gifted with the art of cooking.   I am gifted at many things, but I am not a very good cook myself.   Hot pockets and cereal are my specialties except when it comes to cooking for dogs.   Every day I cook and mix the food for over seventy greyhounds.   They will eat just about anything that is thrown in front of them, but there is a certain way that I prepare their food every day that makes them gobble it down.   It takes specific ingredients, and procedures to properly cook and make their food.
The most important thing about cooking food is the ingredients.   The main ingredient in the dish is ninety pounds of raw horse or cow meat.   It also consists of a pan of chicken necks, half a cup of table salt, and half a cup of granulated garlic powder.   One cup of Mazola corn oil and three cups of electrolyte powder called Electro Dex are mixed in as well.   Along with eleven pans of Purina Hi Pro dog food and two pans of bran, give or take the amount of dogs you are trying to feed or in the kennel.   These ingredients mix together to form a delicious and nutritious meal for the greyhounds.
The process of cooking this dish is actually starts the day before you intend to feed. Every morning after we feed the dogs the meat is brought to us that we are to set out for the next day.   We lay three thirty pound blocks of frozen meat lay in a metal tub under a fan.   This will sit and thaw until the next morning.   You also must cook the pan of chicken necks the night before you feed.   This is very important so they will be ready to mix in the morning.   They are cooked in a cooker at four hundred degrees for three hours in a half a cup of salt, half a cup of garlic powder, and water.   After the meat has thawed out in the tub, you first remove the plastic wrap that they are frozen in.   Next pour the one cup of Mazola corn oil over the three blocks of meat.   This helps to breakdown the fat that is on the meat and makes everything a lot easier to...

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