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How to learn a language Essay

  • Submitted by: lliqusau
  • on November 22, 2009
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How to Learn a Language

To learn a language, we should study listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

They are very important the same. There are various ways to help you study a language, but

I’ll choose and explain some effective ways of them.

First of all, to watch movies and TV programs can be excellent way to learn a

language. This is more interesting and entertaining way to learn a language than other ones.

For studying a language, to cause people feel interested is very important. Also, movies and

TV programs are using our two senses in balanced way like hearing and sight. So, this will

upgrade the ability of listening. By using the sense of hearing, you can be accustomed with

intonation and speed of a language. It is very useful to non-native people. On the other hand,

you can see the life of native people. Because a culture is related with a language, your view

of a language can be broad.

Furthermore, a foreign books and magazines can be good ways to learn a

language. Listening is important, but reading should be followed because to read many

foreign books make you contact many foreign sentences and expressions. Only through

reading, you can progress more and more. Besides, you can study words and grammar of a

language naturally.

Last but not least, to study grammar and word books is a shortcut to studying a

language. Before you watch movies and read foreign books, if you study grammar and work

books first, you will progress better. To know grammar and words in advance makes you

hear and understand better.

To sum up, I strongly believe that watching movies and TVprograms, reading

foreign books, and studying grammar and word books are very effective ways to learn a


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