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hp way Essay

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Kevin Simpson Assignment
Simpson’s Value: Simpson’s primary values are honesty, equality, Goodwill and dignity. He likes sales and marketing field as he believes that “honesty” is the key for success in that field.   He values “equality” therefore; he checks the prospective company’s human resource strategy for minority recruitment. He also values to be in an organization that has good causes and objectives. He chose medical field which saves many people life. Although he is professionally ambitious as achievement goal oriented person, he keeps his pride and dignity that he would not take lower position than managerial level.   He would like to be accepted, treated well and recognized by others.  
Simpson’s Strength: He is an “achiever” who would like to be the best at his task and always striving to improve. He considered his relationship of his boss or even playing golf as a challenge. He decided to go back to school for advancing his career. He is “Self-Confident and Information Seeker”. He likes challenges and is not afraid of taking different path from his other classmates. He makes his decision based on personal assessment of situation of the prospective companies by digging information from the bottom, the floor sweeping people, to the top management level.
Simpson’s Weakness: Although he had good working relationship with his Co-worker in Eli Lily, he prefers to work independently in a fast past environment. He is not a good team player and he does not like to be managed by many bosses. He is not a relationship builder although he is a good networker.
How does he fit with Eli Lily and Haemonetic
Simpson has worked in Eli Lily, which possess most of Simpson’s primary values, for five years.   However, the organization structure of Eli Lily is more vertical.   He would have to work in a team where he does not have much autonomy power and visibility.
At Haemonetic, he could contribute visibly and report directly to the president in the very flat...

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