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Huckleberry Finn Essay

  • Submitted by: djones10
  • on December 8, 2008
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Throughout his adventure with Jim along the river, Huck encounters many different people and passes through many different places, gaining a new experience each time. From these experiences he gains, Huck realizes the several flaws in society and in human nature. One of these flaws is human gullibility. In his adventure, Huck finds himself in several troublesome situations, and in each dilemma, he takes on a false identity to get through it. While it is good that most of the people does not see through his lies, Huck comes to realize how gullible people are and how easily they can be taken advantage of. This realization is proven true when Huck lives with the Duke and the King, con artists who take advantage of people’s gullibility for personal gain. Although humans are the most intelligent animals on earth, they can still be extremely naïve and gullible, and Huck knows this. It is this flaw that Huck sees in humans that makes him want to separate himself from society. It is these flaws that make Huck want to be separated from society.
Another flaw Huck sees in society and human   nature is greed. Through his experiences with the Duke and the King, Huck realizes that money can change anybody. While there are many occasions where the King and the Duke take advantage of people to get their money, the most memorable one is when the King and the Duke pretend to be William and Harvey Wilks. In this scheme, they try to steal $6000 from the daughters of Peter Wilks. However, as Huck gets to know the daughters of Peter Wilks, especially Mary Jane, he soon realizes that this is wrong and decides to return it to the rightful owners. Although the King and the Duke did not get what they wanted, Huck did gain something. He learns what money can do to a person. He sees how low the King and the Duke are willing to go to get money. He sees how innocent, caring, nice people, such as the Wilks, can be victims to such crimes only because of the money they have. In Huck’s eyes, money...

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