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Huffman Trucking Recommendations Essay

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Voice Communication Networks
Huffman Trucking has several telephone systems at these four locations. Missouri and Ohio are running an Avaya Digital Phone System whereas; California and New Jersey are running POTS PBXs, and one VoIP solution at the California plant (Information, 2004). Many modern PBX systems support VoIP capabilities. An IP PBX can handle voice and data calls and has numerous features to enhance business functions. Huffman is not realizing any true benefits from the current telephone system; it is working but is not the best solution for a company of Huffman’s size. Huffman can benefit from new systems, systems that are modernized and include all locations rather than having different environment at each location.
Voice over IP is where voice conversations are delivered over IP based networks such as the Internet. An IP-PBX allows placement of calls over a data network instead of standard telephone infrastructure. Implementing a complete VoIP solution at Huffman Trucking would realize greater cost savings, greater mobility, and increased redundancy. The IP PBX provides not only basic phone services, but also provides software that is relatively easy to add additional functions. Using the IP networks reduces operating costs by allowing a greater number of calls to be made by the company (Rajashekar, 2007).
Some considerations should however, be reviewed before making the decision to scrap the old system and plunge into new technology. Issues in sound quality due to the way VoIP works in terms of how the data is transmitted can reduce the quality of service for voice calls. These can occur as a result of data packets not arriving in sequential order. Normal data packets typically take the best route through the network hardware and are not always in order, leaving it up to the receiving system to put the data packets back in the proper order before processing the information they contain possibly resulting in silence as packets...

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