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Human Essay

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  • on December 4, 2011
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Human Impact on Ecosystems

Mr. Garside Mr. Jones Mr. Schumacher Mr. Wilcox

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Human Impact on Ecosystems
I. As the human population grows, the demand for Earth’s resources increases.

Human Impact on Ecosystems
A. Earth’s human population continues to grow. 1. Earth’s human carrying capacity is unknown.

Human Impact on Ecosystems
2. Technology has helped to increase Earth’s carrying capacity. a. gas-powered farm equipment b. medical advancements

Human Impact on Ecosystems
B. The growing human population exerts pressure on Earth’s natural resources. 1. Nonrenewable resources are used faster than they form. a. coal b. oil

Human Impact on Ecosystems
2. Renewable resources cannot be used up or can replenish themselves over time. a. wind b. water c. sunlight 3. Growing use of nonrenewable resources may lead to a crisis. 4. Resources must be properly managed.

Human Impact on Ecosystems
C. Effective management of Earth’s resources will help meet the needs of the future. 1. Earth’s resources must be used responsibly. 2. Careless use of resources makes them unavailable to future generations. 3. Easter Island is an example of irresponsible resource use.

Human Impact on Ecosystems
4. An ecological footprint is the amount of land needed to support a person. 5. The land must produce and maintain enough a. food and water b. shelter c. energy d. waste

Human Impact on Ecosystems
6. Several factors affect the size of the ecological footprint. a. amount and efficiency of resource use b. amount and toxicity of waste produced

Human Impact on Ecosystems
II.Fossil fuel emissions affect the biosphere.

Human Impact on Ecosystems
A. Pollutants accumulate in the air. 1. Pollution is any undesirable factor added to the air, water, or soil. 2. Smog is one type of air pollution. a. sunlight interacts with pollutants in the air b. pollutants produced by fossil fuel emissions c. made of particulates and ground-level...

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