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Human Trafficking Essay

  • Submitted by: scales722
  • on December 7, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Human Trafficking" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Trafficking of the Human Body
It’s hard to believe that the oldest profession known to society would be declared as one being detrimental and illegal.   There are also many spectators who feel the legalization of prostitution will by far have a negative impact on today's society. In accordance to this, we can proclaim that these are the exact same people who are forcing these women into illegal prostitution, which so happens to be more damaging in many other ways. My goal in this paper is to provide an argument and project, in which I am going to compare and contrast legal and illegal prostitution, while providing evidence of how beneficial legalizing prostitution can help society.
Throughout the entire United States, we can easily locate illegal prostitution in large named cities. Prostitution is commonly located in the urban areas of big cities, a location where most women, young and old, feel they are obligated to sell themselves due to depressing economical reasoning (Weitzer 18). Not only does money impact these women, a good percentage of them are heavy drug users and abusers, and will result in having sex for their “fix”. In addition to the struggle of poverty and drug usage, women seeking assistance generally revert to engaging in a relationship with a “pimp”, one who solicits women for money (Phoenix 6). However, young-minded women do feel a sense of protection when they’re alert that their “pimp” will defend them, on the contrary, they are also placed in harm when an expected amount of money isn’t returned. Many who counter the idea of legalization, have a huge concern in regards to sexually transmitted diseases becoming a factor in society. Even though numerous amounts of women carry condoms for protection, there is no real determinant if they’re always being used(Michael 26). In addition, due to the desire to make even more money, some women will revert to sex without a condom and not even consider the danger she is placing herself or the customer in...

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