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Humanities Essay

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  • on December 4, 2011
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Since the earliest years to present day, the Olympic Games were, and still are, a favourite among people. The Olympic Games are an event that occur every four years and is something that is viewed by people all around the world. The Olympic Games are a phenomenon around the globe and each time they take place we see competitors add new records, break previous records and add to the overall history of the Olympic Games. Even though the Olympics are so popular, no one is really aware of its history.
According to legends, the Olympic Games first originated in Olympia, Greece. It is said they were started by, Zeus’s famous son, Hercules. The earliest evidence of the Games dates back to 776 B.C., but no answer is universally accepted by all. The Games were used to pay honour to Zeus, the God of all Gods. The name “Olympics” comes from Olympia, in the Ellis City State, where the games were first held. Mount Olympus, the home of the Gods, is where the names Olympics and Olympia are derived from (Rosenberg, 2000).
The Olympics were held every four years, known as the Olympiad. This was such an important time that this is how the Greeks based their calendar. Competitors who were victorious were awarded with wreaths made from a sacred olive tree. It was believe that this tree was to have been planted by Hercules, the founder of the Olympics. The Games would be held in valleys that were decorated and filled with temples and statues dedicated to Zeus (Rosenberg, 2000).
The Games created a bond and sense of oneness between the Greek people. The bond was strong enough to form an “Olympic Truce” between city states during the month of which the Olympics were held. Messengers would travel around to each city state to spread the date of the Games so the truce would not be broken.   This means athletes could travel in safety and armed individuals would be prohibited from nearing the sacred grounds where the Games were held (Romano, 2010).
        The Greek people prided...

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