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Humanities Essay

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2) Buddha or the enlighten one refers to a title instead of an actual name of a real person. That’s important because it suggest that Buddhism is a journey for knowledge and understanding. As a result he preached walking down the middle road between the extreme Noble Path: Existence itself is suffering, Suffering comes from craving and attachment, there exist a cessation of suffering, which is called nirvana, and finally that there is a path to nirvana, which is eightfold. They differ from Hinduism because of the lack of ritualized god worshiping and understanding of the universe. So as a consequence, Indian the aim is to gain knowledge, and liberation into a free world.
3) It is my belief that when Ashok was reason for the cause for the expansion of Buddhism. Ashok reformed from use of brutal tactics and renounced violence as a result of Buddhism. His conviction in his religion ld him to use his monks as ambassadors which in turn caused the great expansion of Buddhism   Some features in Buddhism and Hinduism would be the continuing striving for balance and knowledge. By striving for neutrality in compulsion one can reach nirvana and by enlightenment on the world can one escape the being trapped by greed of worldly goods. Buddhism continues to attract western followers partly because of its emphasis on enlightened restraint. Exercising toleration leads to understand neutrality so that one is not too obsessive or too lax.
4) Mahabharata joins eroticism and naturism in Hindu epics attempts to explain the turbulent time due to Aryan conquest over the Indus Valley. Some of the characteristics are they are depicted in event surrounded by beautiful setting with beautiful women. These avatars often combine the human form in embellished fashion such as a highlighting color or in shape.
5) The Chinese ruler’s exerted control when the Buddhist monasteries attained influence and wealth. As a result the limitations on the building of monasteries restricted monk and priests...

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