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Hydrogen-Powered Transportation Essay

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13 April 2007

Hydrogen-Powered Transportation
The main source of energy for any kind of transportation today is fossil fuels. The most often used fossil fuel is gasoline (Club 62-65). The over use of fossil fuels such as gasoline are causing the atmosphere to break down and deteriorate at a rapid pace. This lack of atmospheric protection is allowing harmful ultra violent rays to penetrate and destroy the environment. The increased CO2 in the air, mainly from transportation, is causing a green house effect to occur. This green house effect traps the sun’s heat inside the atmosphere. The trapped heat increases the threat of global warming and a devastating climate change (Karl 53-55). Something must be done to stop the destruction of earth. The first major step towards creating a cleaner more environmentally friendly life style is to reduce or even eliminate the burning of fossil fuels as a means of energy for transportation. An alternative fuel that is cheap, readily available, and easily turned into usable energy must be put into use. The solution is the most abundant element in the Universe, hydrogen.
Hydrogen is not used as a fuel source, but as a way of easily transferring electric-power. The hydrogen that would be used to power the vehicles of the future is found in water. Water is comprised of two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen (H2O). The hydrogen must be separated from the oxygen. This process is call electrolysis. Electrolysis is a process in which electrical currents are sent through water. This separates the hydrogen from the oxygen. The oxygen is then released back into the atmosphere. The hydrogen is stored either as a gas, a liquid, or a hybrid metal, which ever is best suited for its predetermined use. The hydrogen can then be transported to its destination by underground pipeline, truck, train, or supertanker. Once at the location the hydrogen must be stored underground, much like gasoline. A person can then go to a...

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