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Hypochondria Essay

  • Submitted by: Alpeyewmiw
  • on November 17, 2009
  • Category: Psychology
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There are many psychological phenomenon’s, caused for different reasons, some more curable, others more vague. I have chosen the psychological phenomenon, of Hypochondria. Hypochondria   is disorder in which someone constantly thinks they are becoming ill, and often believes there are symptoms when illness is neither present nor likely, however they persist in their belief of sickness often even after reassurance from a doctor.   To get more familiar with the disorder, and to understand it better we should examine it from each of the five perspectives of psychology.
The first perspective is that of neuroscience, from this perspective in psychology everything is analyzed from the inner workings of the mind, not in the way of thought process but in the circumstances of actual chemical disorders. What in the brain has convinced a person to feel this way? Hypochondria can be considered a branch of depression, or an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, such as a lack of serotonin and norepinephrine.   Why are they convinced they are sick? In terms of how they feel, everything that happens becomes a symptom.   There is no proven reason as to why this happens, but the closest research has found is that neurological changes are believed to be the cause.
The psychodynamic perspective of psychology, leads to considering that the problem is caused somewhere in the subconscious. Psychologists from this point of view may ask questions like, what kind of dreams have you been having? Have you had trauma in your past? This point of view looks to the past or the out of control to discover what is upsetting the usual balance of a person. Being a hypochondriac is caused by formulating strong enough thoughts that you actually come to believe what you originally were just contemplating. It could easily be decided that Hypochondria is entirely a problem caused in the psychodynamic problem. Maybe you desire more attention, so subconsciously you find sickness and...

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