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Iceland Volcano Essay

  • Submitted by: loler8214
  • on December 6, 2011
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Volcanoes impact people all over the world. Destroying homes, killing family or friends, destroying local farms, killing cattle, chickens, goats etc. Volcano’s can affect people more than any of us think they could. Volcanoes erupt everyday they may not be newsworthy but they still erupt.
When a plate sinks down into the mantle, it becomes really hot, so hot the rock melts. The rock eventually makes it way to the surface of the earth through cracks. When it reaches the surface of the earth, it becomes lava. When layers build, it forms a volcano.
Tectonic plates (plate tectonics) are what created most volcanoes. It is when two these plates float together on liquid rock. They are in constant motion. Sometimes they move towards each other, most of the time they move apart and sink while the other plate rises above.
Volcanoes are holes or vents in the Earth’s crust, created when molten hot magma under the crust of the Earth is forced upward to the surface. Magma collects in a chamber beneath the crust, pressure builds up and forces it up through cracks or fissure and a conduit to the surface is created. Hot gases try to escape but are trapped in the magma. The surface of the Earth begins to bulge until the pressure can no longer be contained. Gases and fragments are released in a violent explosion called a volcanic eruption.
A volcano can erupt many times in its lifetime. The material released over many eruptions gradually builds up a cone shaped mountain. In the center of the mountain is a vent called the central vent, there can be smaller side vents that come off of the central vent. In many volcanoes there is a bowl shaped crater at the top of the central vent. Under the volcano there is a large magma chamber where the magma is. The explosive power of a volcano depends on how much gas is trapped in the magma. When there is a lot of gas trapped in the magma the eruptions are more explosive, and when there is less gas the eruptions are less...

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