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id ego superego Essay

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Due: October 11,2005
English 101

As we know, there are three main stages that we as human develop physically: birth, childhood, and adulthood. Sigmund Freud “Father of Psychoanalysis” has proven that there are three parts to the mind that each represent the three physical stages: the Id, Ego and Superego. These three functions not only are apart of our everyday life, it is based on what we want, what we need and the final choice that we make. In Nisa’s Weaning, we find the three mind functions throughout the story that affects her relationships with her family especially her mother.
In the story, Nisa is talking about her childhood as young girl in an African !Kung family. She narrates her memories of weaning, the process of switching a baby from mother’s milk to other nourishments. In the story, Nisa’s mother Chuko is pregnant with Kumsa. Nisa would always cry because she wanted to nurse. Nisa’s mother and father explained to her that she could not nurse anymore because the milk belong to her mother’s baby. Nisa’s parents would threaten to hit her and even said that she would die if she nurse. Nisa wanting to nurse is the mind function called the Id. The Id is the “pleasure principle”. This is something that she wanted and needed and at this point she could not have. This mind function is said to have effect from birth until child hood. After Nisa’s mother had her baby, Nisa satisfy the Id when she stole her mother’s milk when she was sleeping.
During the story, Nisa’s father and mother   would remind her that she could not nurse. Nisa settled for regular food. She would eat until she became full but still wanted her mother’s milk. This is an example of the Ego. She realized that she could not have what she wanted so settled for what was “reality” and that was eating regular food that her father and older brother would bring fo her. Nisa would not even share her food with her mother. “You stinge your milk, so I’ll stinge this meat. You think your...

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