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illegal immigration Essay

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Below is an essay on "illegal immigration" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Illegal Immigration
Each year more than a million illegal immigrants cross the United States borders. The effects of illegal immigration are broad and devastating.   One illegal immigrant can affect our entire nation.   American people, the economy and the government are all affected by illegal immigrants.   Illegal immigration is a very controversial topic. Some believe that if a person wants to better their life then they should have the opportunity no matter what the risk may be.   The backlash of illegal immigration is very disturbing and the consequences are unacceptable.
When one thinks about the United States of American they often see the land of free.   American citizens take great pride in their country.   During times of mass destruction and terrorist attack Americans come together as a family to support and defend our country.   But everyday illegal immigrants take a piece of what America is made of, the people.   Taxpayers take a devastating blow because of illegal immigration.   The security of feeling safe in their own country is lost.
Illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers $346 billion annually.   The National Research Council found that on average illegal immigrants receive $13,326.00 in federal welfare and only pays $10,664.00 in federal taxes.   American tax payers disburse more than $3,000.00 for each illegal immigrant.   During a study on how illegal immigrants affect taxpayers, well known television host Katie Couric found that around 300,000 pregnant Mexican women cross the border to birth their children.   These children are known as “anchor babies.”   On average it costs around $6,000.00 per birth without any complications.   If the child suffers any complication the cost can soar to $500,000.00.   But how are these hospitals paid one might ask.   It is very sad but true, the American taxpayers pay for illegal immigrants to have their children born in the United States.   I am a taxpayer that is paying for illegal immigrants to live in...

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