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Illegal Immigration Essay

  • Submitted by: Banana4011
  • on December 12, 2008
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Illegal immigration is a hotly debated issue in the United States. It is a both extremely complex and important issue, and its effects are far-reaching. To understand the immigration issue on the whole we need to understand what causes people to immigrate to the United States, the effects that immigration has on both the economy and society, and the immigration policies and laws implemented thus far and how effectively enforced they are.
The causes of illegal immigration are many. Some of these causes are war, family reunification, and economic gain.
First of all, war causes many people to illegally immigrate from Central and South America to the United States. Armed conflict over many decades has caused a large number of Columbians to immigrate to United States. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Columbia is the fourth leading contributor to unauthorized immigration to the United States. Another example of illegal immigration caused by war and repression is El Salvador. During The Salvadoran Civil War (1979-1991) many Salvadorans immigrated to the United States to escape the atrocities and now El Salvador represents the largest per capita immigration to the United States.
Second, family re-unification is another factor that contributes to immigration. Some illegal immigrants seek to live with loved ones, maybe a spouse or close family members that have already immigrated to the U.S. either legally or illegally. There are provisions for this in immigration law, but the problem is that it allows for an unlimited number of family re-unification visas. This leads to what is called chain immigration, which is when an adult or younger family member of an already legal immigrant is given visas to enter the U.S, which of course explodeds the annual number of legal immigrants well beyond the annualy prescribed quota. Also, if a person came here illgally then they cannot acquire any family re-unification visa so if that person wants to bring their...

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