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Imagery of the Chosen" Essay

  • Submitted by: HeatherPeterson
  • on December 12, 2008
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Imagery in “The Chosen”
In this Novel by Chaim Potok there are many profound themes that slowly develop as each page is read and new situations arise. To help create these vivid ideas, imagery is used. Imagery helps create a “big picture” both direct and indirectly. The imagery I wish to focus on in this novel is suffering. This imagery is seen many times throughout this novel sometimes made as obvious suffer and sometimes only implied. There is suffering shown physically, emotionally, individually and as a group. I will address each of these in detail and give a brief explanation as to what theme this imagery helps lead us to.
The first image of suffering that is given is physical. Rueven is injured by a baseball hit by Danny Saunders during a baseball game. Reuven’s eye is severely hurt and he ends up in the hospital, not knowing whether he will be able to see out of his eye again. It is because of this physical injury that Danny and Reuven even become friends. They are two very different people and by using this instance of Reuven’s suffering you are immediately able to see that it is important to our story. This instance of suffering is what starts a friendship between the boys and encourages the action of forgiveness.
Reuven’s father also suffers physically. More than once health issues bombard Mr. Malter and keep him from his work. Even after colds and multiple heart attacks Mr. Malter is so determined he is doing God’s work. Though he suffers he does what he can to keep working. Because of this suffering (and many other instances throughout the book) you see the importance of his work for God and the conviction he has for the creation of a Jewish state.
It is not only these two that suffer physically. Rev Saunders also experiences suffering in a physical way. Before he came to America everything he knew was destroyed and he was left for dead “He himself was left for dead, with a pistol bullet in his chest and a saber wound in his pelvis” (p.117). You see...

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