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Implementation of QFD Approach in Restaurant Business Essay

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Quality function deployment (QFD) approach originally developed in Japan in mid sixties is based on the idea that user demands should be transformed into design quality. In other words, OFD takes into account the needs of the customers and helps develop the characteristics of the product or service in the way accepted to the customer and prioritized in terms of aims in the field of production or service development. The major aim of the approach is to link customer demanded quality and enterprise product development capabilities in a formal way that takes into account the importance for the customers and difficulties of implementation for the organization. The QFD method takes into account not only product or service itself, but also the organization of the internal environment of the company, effectiveness of its contacts with the customers and subcontractors. This approach can be used in a variety of spheres including services.
In case of restaurant business the QFD approach can be employed from the very first stage. Prior to opening there should be completed the stage of product planning that should include customer preferences and tastes: location, cuisine, size, price policy and other characteristics of the restaurant should be chosen with regards to the target audience of the restaurant. Having the complete picture of the future restaurant it is possible to move to the later stages of the QFD approach that consist in implementation of the plan and quality control when the restaurant is already open. The methodology of QFD requires that the restaurant should find the balance between satisfaction of the customers’ versatile demands and organizational integrity and profitability. The system presumes that the management conducts the profound competitive research and keeps services provided by the restaurant on an appropriate level. There should be a strategy of development that presumes constant development and updating of the services offered. Finally,...

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