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Imporance Ofhypothesis In Social Research Essay

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    It is commonly believed that the task of a social researcher is to explain the basic inter-relationship amongst strategic facts through theory. The discerning researcher has to extricate the variables out of a mass of complex data. However, a researcher should not proceed with an absolutely blank mind, for research has to be a planned voyage and just not a blind groping in the dark. A researcher has to start with something even if, that something is proverbial scratch. He starts with a hypothesis built on the basis of extant knowledge, own experience ,intelligent guess or careful hunch.
    The Hypothesis is one of the important tools in social Research .All research Project share or common goal of furling our understanding of society and thus all share a certain stage .Each research project must have a clearly stated research problem or goal that can be stated in terms of a Hypothesis. Each stage in any research work is dependent upon the others. A Researcher who has no knowledge of how to analyse data may find himself or himself unable to format hypothesis. A Hypothesis is a set of facts assumed to be true for the purpose of investigation. During the course of investigation, a researcher gathers elaborate but on the less relevant data contrives instruments and test the Hypothesis.


        When we set our aims, we try to achieve them first of all by means available for us, by our knowledge. If we succeed, it was simply a task, since we only applied our existing knowledge. It often happens, however, that in our background knowledge there are no proper tools to achieve the aim, our knowledge is not enough, and we face a problem. Problems occurring in science are calling for a mental search, the subject of which is some new knowledge that is suitable for solving the problem. In order to find this knowledge, instead of searching for it only at random, we must have some...

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