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Importance Of Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: gabriel07281984
  • on December 7, 2008
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The film directed by Ramon Menendez, “Stand and Deliver”, tells the story of a teacher, Mr. Jaime Escalante, who made it his goal in helping his Calculus’s students believe in themselves. I was intrigued by the way that this film captured the main concepts cover in chapter two from the textbook “Looking Out and Looking In”. The film supported the theory of the self-fulfilling prophesy as well as the affect our “significant others” have on the way we perceive and present ourselves.
Through out the film Mr. Escalante makes it very clear that he expects only the best from all of his students, therefore he sets the bar high for his students by expecting all of them to pass the AP Calculus exam. This goes to show how he follows the concept of the self-fulfilling prophesy, because if he didn’t expect or set this as a standard for his students, the chances that they would have passed this exam, or even attempted to take the exam in the first place, is very unlikely.   The students decided to take the exam and pass it because they are convinced by their teacher, that this is expected because they are capable of passing it. He first decides to stand up for his students when the rest of the faculty in the math department mention that the school board shouldn’t expect much from these students because of their poor literacy levels and other regretful circumstances that they are in.   However, he manages to bring up a good point, “…Students will rise to the level of expectation….” This statement not only applies to students in fact it applies to all individuals.   The people we love, look up to, or see as an authority figures are usually considered our significant others because we value their opinions.   As humans, we have a need to be accepted therefore, individuals will make it a goal to meet the expectations or standards that their significant others set for them.
However, not all of the film’s characters carry such a belief similar to Mr. Escalante’s.   For instance, the...

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