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Importance of trees Essay

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A tree is a woody perennial plant consisting of a trunk, branches and leaves growing to a considerable height. The most vital importance of trees is the production of oxygen by means of photosynthesis. Various parts of the trees are extremely important in our daily life of evident reasons.

The upper leafy part forming a thick canopy which contributes to break the intensity of a torrential rain and act as a wind breaker that is it prevents soil erosion which can cause a lot of damage to the agricultural sector. It also breaks the intensity of sun light so that smaller and weaker plants can grow and animals can live. The decaying of fallen leaves and branches fertilize the top soil so trees acts as a constant natural regeneration of the fertile top soil.

The next part of the tree is branches and the trunk which has the main function of holding the thick and heavy canopy and it make the latter spread in length and width so as to provide maximum shade. The trunk provides timber which is use for making furniture and constructing houses or supports. The trunk of a special tree often called the rubber tree is principle source of natural rubber. The trunk is also use for decorative purposes such as making fencing and flower pots.  

The root system is another important part of the tree as it holds the fertile top soil which would have been washed away during heavy rainfall, thus causing soil erosion. The root system also holds rain water, so it acts as a sponge which eventually creates undergrounds water reservoirs, rivers and lakes. One or many specific roots can be used for medical purposes. Some specific roots can be used as food.

Forests which consist of many trees have an economical and commercial effect. A forest contributes a lot in the tourism sector; it helps in creating safaris, nature parks, construction of small bungalows and the creation of green residential zone. A forest also gives the possibility to organize new creative enterprises...

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