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The Importance of Profits Essay

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Below is an essay on "The Importance of Profits" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

For companies to survive, it needs to make a profit.   If a company is unable to make a profit, it faces the possibility of going bankrupt.   How much profit is made can determine the success of a company.   The greater the profit margin, the more the company can expand in hopes of increasing profits even more.   Profit margin can also influence a company’s stock price as well.

Business needs profits to survive.   Without profits, the company faces the possibility of going bankrupt.   Sometimes a business has to cut expenses in order to make a profit.   Downsizing is one way of reducing costs.   When a company downsizes, hopefully they will be able to increase their profits.   A company must analyze their overhead cost to see what can be eliminated.   Expenses are vital to a company and any unnecessary expenses must be eliminated.

Downsizing does have its drawbacks depending on how much the company downsized.   It could be just cutting a few jobs to actually closing down some of its offices.   A company must determine whether closing down shops is really going to help or hurt them in the long run.   Closing down too many shops could force them in the long run to go bankrupt or to be taken over by bigger companies.

It is important for firms to make as much profit as they possibly can.   By increasing the profit margin, stock prices have a possibility of increasing making it harder for other companies to buy them out.   The higher the stock price, the more valuable the company is worth.   Creating greater profit margins and cutting out unnecessary expenses is vital to the business’s success.

As the business increases its profits, the company has a greater opportunity for expansion.   With expansion, comes the possibility of greater profits.   It is imperative businesses determine whether expansion would bring more profits or bring higher costs.   Expansion is always a risk.   Proper research and planning helps determine the likely hood of success.

If a business is to...

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