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In The End Essay

  • Submitted by: cesiah
  • on December 6, 2011
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In the End
English 99
My senior English teacher in high school told the classroom that everyone passed their senior research paper with a “B” or better but would not pass them back until after our presentation. I was relief the day before it was due I went home two hours early than I normally would to start writing my ten page paper on Dante’s inferno. When Mrs. Medina told me to see her after class I was assumed it had to do something with senior boards, the students with the best research papers will have opportunity to showcase their PowerPoint in front of the dean and principle. However, it was not about senior boards but how my research paper was the only one in our school entire AP class who did not receive a passing grade and I was on the edge of not being able to graduate.
The lack of reading books and not asking question in how to improve my essay did not affect me in middle school but now in high school it has caught up to me. I’m realizing it now one month before I am able to graduate. My actions were influenced by my teacher letting me pass with the bare minimum on essay. My high school English teacher was not effectively teaching me the necessary skills to pass my senior year. I   disappointed in that I put myself in this situation but I did not anyone know because I wanted to make pass English without anyone helps. The rest of the day I started to think what happened in past year that affected my chance going to college.
Once I started going to school I notice I was in a classroom full of Caucasian and Asians kids. On the first day two boys and one girl ask me for my name and I responded by saying “que”. English was not my first language,   after I was born my mom would talk to me in Spanish and when I was four she sent to live with my grandparents in Mexico. Then I came back to California to start school but my classmates thought I was a “weirdo” because I did not speak any English so they decide to pick on me for being different.
During the...

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