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In What Ways Has Political Participation Declined Essay

  • Submitted by: krishma
  • on February 27, 2011
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Political participation is the opportunities for and tendencies of the people to become involved in the political process, for example, voting, and involvement in pressure groups and standing in elections. Tony Blair and new labour encouraged a new type of active citizenship where citizens showed a greater commitment to community life and protected democracy by doing several things like promoting issues, getting involved in pressure groups, involvement in community action such as voluntary work, voting in elections and being active in political parties. New labour tried to promote active citizenship through education by introducing a new subject, “citizenship” which became part of the compulsory national curriculum.
Public commitment in political participation is becoming an issue in the United Kingdom. The figures of those who did not vote in general elections has increased by 18% since 1964. In 2005 the turn out for elections was 61% but in 2010 it increased by 4% showing that political participation has increased but only by a small amount. The main age group that was not active in forms of political participation was 18-24 year olds. This shows that political participation of respondents below the age of 25 is of a negative correlation which determines that the younger population in Britain have a very low interest in political issues. The ambiguous concept of civil engagement can be referred to attitudinal or behavioural orientations to politics. These are important in understanding the likely prospects of political participation as the relationship between the individual and their power of influence is vital in this case. In addition, some people wont be well educated so there vote would be a frivolous decision therefore as a result they feel that there is no point in turning up.
Furthermore, when an election will not affect the society such as an election of a mayor, then the people aren’t motivated to vote. It has come to the conclusion that the public...

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