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Inca Essay

  • Submitted by: lisaiskool
  • on December 15, 2008
  • Category: History
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Below is an essay on "Inca" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Inca Annotated bibliography
"Inca." Encyclopedia Britannica. 2008. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. 16 Nov. 2008 .

The Britannica encyclopedia is a great source to find information on almost any topic related to “Inca”. This website seems to be very useful considering it contains all the necessary subtopics (people, life, civilization, rulers, etc.)   on my main topic, Ancient Inca. The encyclopedia also gives a good back up for each fact that it states. If this source were to be rated, it would get approximately an   8/10 for all its great information.                        

EMuseum, Minnesota state university.   2007

The students of Minnesota state university have done a great job of putting together all the facts on Ancient Inca in a very organized, yet interesting manner. The website includes much information on the lifestyle of the people of Inca before the 16th century. The website has an appealing   visual look to it as well, as it has many colorful and attention-grabbing pictures. The rating for this website should probably be 7/10 because it is very appealing, however the information isn’t too specifically explained.      

“Inca”. World book encyclopedia (vol. 10). Chicago, World book Inc., 2005.

The world book encyclopedia is a great source to find great information on “Inca”, or as a matter of fact any other topic. The books contain a vast amount of pages filled with information on almost anything anyone can possibly think of. This book is excellent for all the aspects of information on Inca.   The book had a lot of information on the daily life and the government of the Incas, also any other subtopic one may need to know on Inca. If this book were to be rated it should get a 9/10 because it is almost close to being perfect on having all the sub categories of information on a topic.

Readers Digest. Vanished Civilizations....

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