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Indian Education Essay

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Dear Indian boy,
When I first read about you in “Indian Education” by Sherman Alexie I was very impressed. The problems you had are still evident, and people from all over the world have to struggle with them every day.
I enjoyed following your life throughout your school experiences, while you were moving from grade to grade up until high school graduation. What made reading intriguing was the use of irony and humor. It indicates an excellence of form.   It didn’t only make me laugh, but gave me an opportunity to learn a little bit about the culture of Native Americans.
Troubled times in your early education seemed to have an impact on your life throughout both primary and secondary school. I felt terribly bad for you when I found out that the missionary teacher gave you a harder spelling test hoping that you would fail, and when you did well, she made you eat the paper. She had no respect for your cultural background calling you an “indian” with no capitalization. You experienced racial discrimination that is one of the major issues in today’s world. Racism and prejudice have always existed, and have been passed from generation to generation. They have a permanent value. In my opinion all human beings are equal and deserve the same rights. God is creative and made people with different skin colors, and it doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. I am sure He doesn’t like the barrier that people build between themselves. I strongly believe that people shouldn’t be judged by their psychical appearance or race.
Indian boy, your story definitely had an impact on my emotions. I can easily relate to it. When I was in the fourth grade, my father got a job in another city, and my family had to move. I am a Catholic and most people who lived in the city were Orthodox. When I went to school nobody wanted to make friends with me. I wasn’t good enough for them, because I didn’t believe in the same God they did. They used to call me names and make fun of me...

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