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Individualism Outline

  • Submitted by: smproph
  • on December 5, 2011
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I. Individualism
      a. I am the primary reality in the universe
      b. My end justifies my means
      c. I am my own moral conscience
      d. Freedom and fullfilment are my right
      e. Performance defines our value
      f. The truth in individualism
        i. Individualism acknowledges the extent of our freedom and the responsibilities that come with that freedom
        ii. Individualism affirms my need to make a difference
        iii. Individualism recognizes the strength of chosen beliefs
      g. The Problems of Individualism
        iv. It is constructed on a flawed view on reality
            1. Metaphysics
        v. Constructed on a flawed view of human nature
        vi. Has a flawed view on freedom and achievement
  II. Consumerism
      h. Accumulating and using things brings me fulfillment
      i. Money is power
      j. Just a little bit more
      k. People are viewed as object to consume
      l. I discard what ceases to fulfill me or meet my needs
      m. The good in consumerism
        vii. I determine how to use my rescources
        viii. Promotes competition and new ideas
      n. Problems with Consumerism
        ix. Is a reductionistic in defining our needs
            2. Tendency to reduce our needs to a single category
            3. Depersonalitation of what we keep personal
            4. Displacing God with money
        x. Redefines our values
  III. Nationalism
      o. You may be a Nationalist if….
        xi. If you believe that God’s plan for history would be severely hampered if the United States did not exist in a hundred years, twenty-five years, or even next year,
        xii. If you find it is unthinkable that a citizen would not be able to pledge allegiance to the flag or sing that national anthem for religious reasons
        xiii. If you think our Declaration of Independence embodies eternal principles or that the Constitution should never be changed...

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