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inequality Essay

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Below is an essay on "inequality" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

It is usually said that in cities and states has more benefits that living in small communities, family-based, egalitarian societies. Cities and states indeed progress over the time. As for example, health has never been better and technology, which give the society an advantage to communicate with ease. This essay will explain why cities and states have their downside.
Cities and states are not as fulfilling as small, family-based societies because in cities there is a big problem on inequality. There is gender inequality, competition among individuals and racial inequality among the communities in cities that do not exist in small family-based societies.
Not so long ago, women were unable to work or do any activity other that household work. Men had the power over women. Today, women have more privileges than in the past but they are still considered inferior. When men and women apply for jobs, men have a better chance on getting the job than women. Also, when women are hired, they are usually payed less than men at the same job.
In small family based communities, as for example the !Kung, live in a more egalitarian society than people who live in cities and states. The !Kung live in Namibia and live a hunting and gathering lifestyle. Women and men have the same amount of work. Men would hunt and women would gather food and supplies. Women are not treated inferior (Blanford). Men and women were equal to one another. Gender inequality is a reason why cities have their downside.
In cities and states there is a huge deal of inequality due to competition among individuals. In cities, there is a limited amount of jobs which brings the population to compete against each other to get the best payed employment. In small family-based societies, people need each other. They work as a group and automatically have a job that contributes to the society. That is another reason small societies are more advantaged than big cities and states.

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